I always straddle a line in presidential elections. Voting democrat usually feels like endorsing a failed, corrupt two-party system. So I’ve voted Green Party more than once. But I never did it when I lived in a swing state and knew the election would be close. I abhor Obama’s complicity in the killing of innocents … Continue reading

Repentance Politics, Repentance Theology

Like a lot of other folks, excitement has been creeping up on me. We seem to be maybe, finally, oh so slowly going through a sea change on lesbian and gay rights (I’m not so optimistic that transgender folks are included in this). Cultural acceptance—incomplete still, of course—came first. But it seems like political and … Continue reading

It’s Not Only About The Onion: On Intent and Impact

There’s been plenty of brilliant, angry writing in response to The Onion’s tweet about Quvenzhané Wallis. But an admittedly non-scientific reading of my facebook feed tells me lots of white folks are still confused. Just what is all this hoopla about? We all know The Onion is satire, right? We all know satire’s job is … Continue reading

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