Life Imitating Art

I find it highly ironic that the number one movie in the country right now is about an oppressed people that rise up in revolt against their government, attempting to destroy their capital, and rioting against the establishment that has forced them to live in poverty, to struggle for their lives against a police state that kills them at will. We can root for these people on the screen and hope they come out as victors. We cheer as they destroy airplanes and fight the “peacekeepers.”

However, in the real world, we look down upon those that rise up angrily against the powers that oppress them. We call them ignorant for being so angry that they resort to violence to be heard.

I have to wonder, in fact, how popular or controversial the Hunger Games would be if the leaders of the rebellion were black or other people of color.

I’m not saying I agree with looting and violent protest. However, I do say that I can understand. Interesting how life imitates art….how we can empathize with fictional characters that revolt against oppression, but in real life we can’t seem to find the empathy to even hear what the oppressed have to say.


Tobi Parks is a bi-racial queer woman, who is a mom, a musician, and a media professional. She is originally from St. Louis and now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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