You and I and We


There is no all-powerful “they” out there who is going to swoop in and stop this. There is no one coming to end these injustices and degradations once-and-for-all.

I have to admit something. Each morning, these days, I wake up, and I realize some part of me is holding my breath in anticipation. I’m hoping, maybe even expecting, this: surely today is the day “they” will come. I am waiting for “them.”

And when “they” come…

…mothers fleeing war won’t lose their babies. And Black people’s lives and bodies will be secure. And borders will be exposed as arbitrary while the people who cross them are honored as sacred. And trans and queer people’s humanity will no longer be degraded and destroyed, but celebrated and revered.

But, beloveds, “they” ARE NOT COMING. There is only you and I and we.

You are the one you are waiting for.

I am the one I am waiting for.

We are the ones we are waiting for (as Alice Walker said).

So we must be that. All of us. Today. Right now. In every moment. In every place.

Beloveds…there’s something else we need to know about we. We are many. And if we really understand who we are waiting for, we are powerful.

We can be that.

What do we choose?

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