That’s No “White Savior”

My young nephew, who is Black**, was playing with a group of children a couple years ago when one of the white kids in the group pointed at him and said, “Your skin’s the same color as poop!” Another kid stepped in. “Hey! That’s racist!” this second white kid responded to the first. And again, “Hey! That’s racist!”

When I share stories like this, I’m increasingly noticing white people express concern that this is “white savior” behavior. “Should that second white kid have stepped in like that?” they ask. “Shouldn’t he have waited for your nephew to respond first?” “Was it his place to define what that moment meant?”

These questions belie a significant amount of white anxiety about being accused of being a white savior, combined with even more confusion about what that even means. The prevalence of these questions worries me, because it suggests lots of white folks who otherwise see ourselves as antiracist-committed are remaining silent in moments when we really must speak.

We need to talk about this.

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