There has been much discussion about Army Pfc. Chelsea Manning this past week, with a range of responses to her actions, her sentencing, and her statement coming out as a trans* woman. (Trans* is a term meant to be inclusive of a range of gender nonconforming expressions and identities.) Unfortunately, Manning’s decision to release classified … Continue reading

Pre-4th Fireworks: Stanley Cup, Voting, Marriage, and a President’s Plan for the Climate

(*From Jen: I’m very pleased to share this guest blog by Dr. Aana Marie Vigen reflecting on this week’s events.) It’s not even Friday and already it’s been an historic week. Monday:  the Trayvon Martin murder trial began; my hometown hockey team won the coveted cup. Tuesday:  the Supreme Court struck down the heart of … Continue reading

Waiting One More Day (on DOMA)

I think the experience is universal among parents. You deeply want your child to believe “x” about the world. But you realize that lots of things are beyond your control and you’re going to have to teach them “y” is actually the case. Here’s one version of “x”: “Everyone who meets you is always going … Continue reading


So, this post may not be for all of you because some of you weren’t bugged. But I got feedback after my marriage equality piece that some of you were thrown off by my use of “queer.” This has happened to me before. Picture me, a newbie to Iowa at my first lesbian party, having … Continue reading

Repentance Politics, Repentance Theology

Like a lot of other folks, excitement has been creeping up on me. We seem to be maybe, finally, oh so slowly going through a sea change on lesbian and gay rights (I’m not so optimistic that transgender folks are included in this). Cultural acceptance—incomplete still, of course—came first. But it seems like political and … Continue reading

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