Pre-4th Fireworks: Stanley Cup, Voting, Marriage, and a President’s Plan for the Climate

(*From Jen: I’m very pleased to share this guest blog by Dr. Aana Marie Vigen reflecting on this week’s events.) It’s not even Friday and already it’s been an historic week. Monday:  the Trayvon Martin murder trial began; my hometown hockey team won the coveted cup. Tuesday:  the Supreme Court struck down the heart of … Continue reading

Waiting One More Day (on DOMA)

I think the experience is universal among parents. You deeply want your child to believe “x” about the world. But you realize that lots of things are beyond your control and you’re going to have to teach them “y” is actually the case. Here’s one version of “x”: “Everyone who meets you is always going … Continue reading


I always straddle a line in presidential elections. Voting democrat usually feels like endorsing a failed, corrupt two-party system. So I’ve voted Green Party more than once. But I never did it when I lived in a swing state and knew the election would be close. I abhor Obama’s complicity in the killing of innocents … Continue reading

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