Let’s Move Beyond Fear of the Words “White Supremacy,” and Say Yes to Racial Justice!

[Friends, in this love letter to white Unitarian Universalists (originally published on Medium), Chris Crass calls his community to choose to stay. To stay and say “White supremacy, you cannot have me. You cannot have my family; you cannot have my faith; you cannot have my congregation.” His words speak well beyond the UUA too, to those of … Continue reading

A Liturgical Die-In

From Jen: In days such as these words can seem so inadequate for naming what it is we are experiencing and the visions of life, justice and truth for which we long. Moving through ritual, liturgy, and the body is another powerful way we can and must move. This blog post describes such a liturgy–a liturgical … Continue reading

What Did You Say About Race Today?

We’re holding our breath. At least, I’m holding mine. Any minute the jury will announce its verdict on whether or not Darren Wilson will be tried for killing Michael Brown. As we wait, let us not forget what a verdict actually is in this country: something that has long had little to do with whether justice has … Continue reading

I Don’t Feel Bad About Being White, 1

It’s strange to have to claim it: “I don’t feel bad about being white.” But claim it I must. The weird and sad fact is that there’s an all too familiar experience among those of us who are white and trying to figure out how to be anti-racist allies. At some point most of us … Continue reading


That picture isn’t of me. It’s just a picture of what I wish I looked when I’m doing crow pose. The (totally unannounced) hiatus I took from this blog in the last four months had nothing to do with stepping back to re-work it and now returning to announce a new and improved website. It … Continue reading


November’s a beautiful and dangerous month. Yesterday when I opened my daughter’s backpack after school, tips of multi-colored construction paper feathers poked out . . . Momentary pause. As I pulled her construction out, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was only a turkey. But that moment made me recall a post from last … Continue reading


And on the tenth day…. she did yoga. And it sucked. It really, really sucked. This isn’t a yoga blog. But it’s true that I’m yoga-obsessed. So, here’s just enough context to explain where this piece is coming from: I’m a recent convert. I started life soccer-obsessed. By high school, running came on board. When … Continue reading


I wrote a paper in college about my mom. In it I said she was the first person to have taught me to embrace feminism. That she did it without using the word or claiming the term for herself. I also stated grandly that her “sisters” would be better off if she came out as … Continue reading


Temporary mountain living has put some distance between my phone and me. There’s no great reason for this. I get reception for the most part. It may be because some of the “smart” features don’t work. Or, maybe it’s just that I’m not in my regular day-to-day routine. Whatever it is, my phone has lost … Continue reading


Today someone challenged me to write a blog about something happy. And the challenge rang true. There’s been a lot of heaviness on this tiny corner of the internet since I started plugging away at it last November. It struck me as funny though, because I’m one of the happiest people I know—at least I … Continue reading

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